Clean Break Events of Jacksonville, Florida specializes in making the best of the worst life has to offer. Divorce is on the rise and is becoming more prevalent in today's society. Clean Break Events will help you "celebrate" your freedom, your new life and all the possibilties that await you now.  Did your spouse cheat on you? Did you find out your husband had four other wives? Or, did your spouse have a mid-life crisis and buy that $40,000 Mustang without you even knowing about it?

Clean Break Events helps take some of the sting out of divorce. With our customized packages, attention to detail, bar service and the personalized attention your event needs, Clean Break Events is here for your every need while we help you celebrate by having a ball and getting rid of that ball and chain!

A divorce party can also be the ultimate gift or surprise to give to a friend or loved one who has been going through pain. Just like a baby shower, a divorce party can be "thrown" for another friend to help boost them up and to show your support. Contact us, and we will help you surprise your friend with the gift of an encouraging and uplifting party that celebrates "freedom"!

Divorce parties are a growing trend these days. Until Clean Break Events came along, there wasn't anyone out there who would do all of the planning, imagining and thinking for you. Do you want a classy event with your closest friends who have been your moral support through this event in your life? Do you want a full-fledged divorce ceremony and subsequent reception? Would you like a "cleansing" sort of party on the beach with a bon-fire and a bar to literally burn the parts of your previous life that you'd like to forget? How about a party celebrating the fact that you are free and single and ready to mingle? The talented staff at Clean Break Events will not only sit down with you before the event, but will help with party locations and decorations, bar service, catering, transportation options, invitations, gift registries (for the items you lost to your Ex in the divorce) and live or DJ entertainment as well. The sky is the limit! Contact Morgan Munson at 904-412-4981 for more details.





Clean Break Events is pleased to announce the following offers to celebrate our grand opening!:

If you give us five referrals, and if one of those people book a party with us, you will receive a $50.00 Visa gift card.
If you personally book a party with us, we will give you one free upgrade for your party. For example, if you book a bronze party package, we will give you one benefit from the silver package at no extra charge. Likewise, if you book a silver package, we will give you one benefit from the gold package with no extra charge. This offer is good until April 1, 2014! Come and view our packages at www.cleanbreakevents.com. We look forward to hearing from you, and help you create the very unique event you want to celebrate your new freedom!